Post Graduate Courses

Study centre of V.M. University and IGNOU
With the passage of time, the dimension of diseases turned more complex and their management more difficult for the physicians. Very often Doctors in General practice felt the need of further knowledge and latest management techniques to combat such complex dimensions of diseases. National Institute of medical science have arranged tailor made module by way of distance education mode so that the aspirant medical practitioners, anywhere in the country now can have specialized knowledge on different need based topics like diabetology, pain management, etc. without compromising their daily schedules. National Institute of Medical Science, a Govt. recognized Institute with affiliation of many reputed institutes, started in the year 1998 with a view to impart proper scientific medical education and training in its own Institute and hospital at silchar Assam. National Institute of Medical Science is a study centre of two universities V.M. University and IGNOU.

Paramedical Courses

Study centre of V.M. University and IGNOU

National Institute of Medical Science was established in the year 1998 with the aim to help the unemployed youth of Barak Valley and other parts of the country to stand on their own feet and earn their bread and butter with dignity. It has its own Institute building and classes full of students. Students are now coming from different parts of the Country. After finishing the course some of them established their own clinic, Laboratory or Pharmacy. They are not only earning bread and butter for their family but also helping the society in remote areas of our country. There is no health, care system. People of the Rural Areas are totally depending upon God for their treatment. Uneducated village doctor’s or quacks are doing lots of harm to these people. And people of those god’s, forgotten areas have no other alternative but going to them. Our students are trained in such a way that they can go to those parts of the country and treat with scientific approach. National Institute of Medical Science is a study centre of V.M. University and IGNOU.

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